Fact or Whacked?

Fact or Whacked? Painted Drop Cloth Curtains

Updated 8/20/16- Still using these curtains today!

There’s always so many amazing ideas you come across on Pinterest. I’m obsessed with checking it every day. Some ideas I see really jump out at me, and I have to try them. Some work out amazing and others…..not so much. This brings me to my Fact or Whacked segment: where I am essentially the guinea pig, and you can sit back and relax while I do the initial leg work. I want to let every one know that this segment is NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. It takes a lot of hard work and bravery to share your ideas on a blog, and this is not meant to take that away from anyone. I’m merely offering my experiences with each idea, and you are more than welcome to try them for yourself. Have an idea you’ve been wondering about on Pinterest? Let me know and I’ll put it to the test!

I came across some beautiful stenciled drop cloth curtains at Creative Outlets. Aren’t they drop dead gorgeous? I instantly fell in love with them and had to try them for myself. I wanted something a little different than the curtain clips though. After a bit of searching around on Pinterest, I found The Purl Bee tutorial on how to make and attach curtain tabs (You can find the tab attachment about halfway through the tutorial).


I’m not going to lie, the stenciling is a pretty extensive process. I’m not sure how long it actually took because I spread it out over a couple weeks months. (Okay, what happened is that I finished one panel and just never got around to the other one for a few months. So there sat my mismatched curtain set, until one day I finally got the motivation to finish the second one. Which my BF greatly appreciated). It got done eventually though right? Right!


One of the problems I had was getting the drop cloth to match. You can tell that these are slightly different, but not enough to be that big of a deal. (Sorry for the bad picture, it’s back-lit really bad!) Do you love my new rug? I do! I never thought I’d be an orange in the house kind of girl, but I bought a super cute wingback chair with bits of orange in it. This rug pulls it out beautifully!

This photo really shows the color of paint I used…..squeal! I love turquoise!


I love how depending on how the light shine through the curtains, the stenciling kind of changes colors.


Final verdict?

FactDefinitely try this! They’re very inexpensive to make, yet thick enough to keep the light out. My only dislike is that I can’t wash them with the acrylic craft paint. If I did it again, I’d use some sort of fabric paint or something that would seal it. I like to wash my curtains every couple months to freshen them up. I’ve had these about 6 months or so and they still look great though! Happy painting everyone!


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