About Me

Hello to you: stranger that I hope becomes a friend. Welcome to my small little corner of the internet-o-sphere. I love decorating my home, creating things, doing outdoorsy things, photography, reading, writing, learning new craft or art skills and dancing around the house singing when no one is looking. Who am I kidding, I dance and sing anywhere, no matter who is looking; car included. I don’t want to brag but I know ALL the words to quite a few Will Smith songs. Including Wild Wild West and Men in Black. No big deal.

I wanted to start my own blog for quite awhile. However there was a minor glitch. I’m sometimes a perfectionist. Sometimes……and I felt like I needed to have the best blog with the perfect theme and background. I’d visit other blogs and think, “OMG look at this or that project! It’s perfect! Their houses all look so beautiful and mine is a huge disaster remodel project. I can’t possibly do all that!”

Then I had a thought that reminded me a bit of the end of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. “What if people don’t want to just see this perfect house, in a perfect life? What if Christmas perhaps means a little bit more…”

Please note that this is a space to pursue my creative interests, which can and probably will greatly vary. You never know what might appear on these pages! So please take a look and journey through my blog full of imperfections, adventures, mishaps, successes and tales that are definitely full of life.

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ha i love this – it’s how i felt when starting my blog and each time it was never good enough, just looking at yours I love how clean and minimal but compact it is, but the Grinch quote is so random but exactly the thought process I would have. I like what I see, thank you for following can’t wait to see more πŸ™‚


    1. haha! Thank you! It’s true my mind is always jumping around! I’m glad you like the clean look of my blog, I really wanted my photos in each post to be the focus; I hope it’s working. I’m glad you started following me too, I love your blog; it’s inspiring!


  2. Hi Amanda, you have some great shots on your photography page. I love the shot of the road looking out into the distance toward the mountains. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, it’s much appreciated! I hate to brag as well, but also know all the words to Wild Wild West! Oh the 90s…


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