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Focus To See The Light

It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. – Aristotle

Happy December 1st everyone! It’s that time of year again….the holiday season!! For me, the most important part of this season is spending time with loved ones and showing them how appreciated and loved they are!! We love doing certain traditions like Black Friday shopping, Holiday cookie making, or driving around on Christmas Eve looking at lights.

I came across this photo the other day from when I first was learning to use a SLR camera. I am so in LOVE with this photo for many reasons. First of all, my grandpa is no longer with us and looking at this just warms my heart. Second, I know it’s not a technically correct photo (I was a noob…what can I say), but artistically it makes my heart sing! The look on my grandma’s face…..the beauty of the lights behind them…..this my friend, is what the holiday season is all about. Make sure to take advantage of it this season! Happy Holidays to you all!

This was part of a Weekly Photo Challenge.


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