Back with an Eerie Photo

Aaaand…..I’m back! So sorry to keep ya’ll waiting. I’m officially moved into my apartment in Seattle….well, there’s still some boxes to put away but…you get my drift. The bf and I went out and about doing Seattlelite things….more pics to come. On this particular walkabout to Discovery Park we came across a military cemetary. It was about 9am on a Saturday morning, and not a soul around but the two of us. A cool mist had settled in for the morning, and was reluctant to leave when the afternoon sun arrived.

Willie William’s headstone really struck me, this man had been in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. My grandfather was in the Korean War, and my Dad was in Vietnam. This man had done both. A lot of people might think of this place as being eerie; I just couldn’t help but sit and wonder about all the souls laid to rest here. Who they were, and who they loved.

This was part of a weekly photo challenge.

Military Cemetary



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