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Fact or Whacked? Eggplant Pizza

There’s always so many amazing ideas you come across on Pinterest. I’m obsessed with checking it every day. Some ideas I see really jump out at me, and I HAVE to try them. Some work out amazing and others…..not so much. This brings me to my Fact or Whacked segment: where I am essentially the guinea pig, and you can sit back and relax while I do the initial leg work. I want to let every one know that this segment is NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. It takes a lot of hard work and bravery to share your ideas on a blog, and this is not meant to take that away from anyone. I’m merely offering my experiences with each idea, and you are more than welcome to try them for yourself. 

I recently came upon a pin for Eggplant Pizza from Kalyn’s Kitchen. Since pizza is one of my favorite foods, and my waistline couldn’t take it if I ate it everyday…..I thought I’d give it a try! I haven’t eaten eggplant since…who knows…and my BF hasn’t ever had one. I was super skeptical, but when I found out it was adapted from a Julia Child recipe, I knew I had to try it!

First I started slicing the eggplant about 3/4″ thick, and then put salt over the tops of them to help soak up the water. You leave these on for about 30 minutes. Then wipe the salt off (along with a lot of moisture, it’s really cool to see it bead up like that).


I’m not going to go through a whole tutorial because Kalyn’s Kitchen did a  great job (I mean if I can follow it, anyone can). Anyways, the final results are stunning, and I felt pretty fancy with my almost Julia Child recipe! (I enjoyed the added basil immensely).


Final verdict:


Fact! Definitely give this one a try! Plus, it’s super healthy because it’s gluten free, vegetarian, and low carb!

I’m just starting on the segment of Fact or Whacked, and I’d LOVE any feedback anyone has to offer!



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