Fancy Schmancy Dehydrator

So I don’t know if I really talked about my new dehydrator. I showed a few pics of it for my Flackers tutorial, but that was it! I’m super excited about it. It’s digital so I can program it to turn off at a certain time. Plus the fan is in the back of the trays instead of at the bottom so that the heat spreads evenly over each tray! YAY!

I went into Cabela’s looking for a small dehydrator. The one I found was kinda cheapy looking and wasn’t digital, but it was in my price range. I figured it would do because I’m so new to eating raw, it would be fine to start with. Luckily, the sales guy came over and told me that the digital dehydrator (the one I bought) went on sale in two days. Plus it would only be $20 more than the crappy cheap one! I was so on that!

Now I know, it’s GIGANTIC!!! But think of all the possibilities!!! Stay tuned for just what I’m gonna make with it! Oh and by the way, since I’ve been fully eating raw since mid December I have officially lost 14 pounds!!! So excited! I even went and bought a new outfit today! Loves to you all!









One thought on “Fancy Schmancy Dehydrator

  1. Excellent girl, congrats on the weight loss. We had a dehydrator (not the digital one) and they are alot of fun. It’s all trial and error in the beginning so keep a log so you can keep track of the timing for each individual thing you work with. The second time of doing it is much easier. Good luck and have fun with it.


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