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Happy Holidays to you all!!

This time of year makes you think of family. How much you love them, and hopefully how you get to spend some quality time with them. In my family, we have a holiday tradition where we drive around looking at Christmas lights and play our favorite Christmas songs on Christmas Eve. Someone always ends up getting grumpy because we don’t go to the neighborhood they wanted, or they hate the music selection or who know what else. There’s always some kind of bickering. Ahh…the holidays.

Since my BF and I moved to Seattle just a few months ago; we are having Christmas here. Just the two of us, for the first time. We needed to find new places to go, and took some suggestions from a few of my custys/co-workers. I found myself missing my family and their bickering. I couldn’t believe it! They are so annoying sometimes! But driving around looking at people’s Christmas lights, you could see in their windows. They all looked so happy, cramped in their homes with a ton of family around. They weren’t doing much; eating dinner or watching TV, but they were together. It made my heart ache for my family….bickering and all.

So if you have a chance to be with your family this year, please take a moment and appreciate it. Christmas/Holidays of 2013 only come once. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! Please enjoy some of my pictures I took tonight at Candy Cane Lane in Seattle, Washington.











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