Black Friday

Black Friday….we shopped ’till we dropped

This last Friday was Black Friday. In my family, it’s a tradition that all the girls get together and shop till we drop. Unfortunately this year, my mom had to work. Bummer! My lil sis and I still did our best to have fun without her. We woke up at 3-am (we went to bed at around 11:30-pm, ugh) and were out the door a little after 4-am.

Here we are getting ready. Do you like her ear warmer? (I hope you do cause I made it!)

On the agenda….the mall (JcPenneys, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie and Fitch Kids, and Hollister), Craft Warehouse, Lowe’s, and the best one of all…Goodwill! Goodwill is like the sale of all sales! Everything in the store was 50% off! That’s like a sale on sales! Did that blow your mind? Cause it blew mine. So wanna see some of what I got?

Unfortunately Sephora, Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body works had lamo deals…..I mean they were deals you could get any old time. I don’t wake up at 3 in the morning for deals I could get during normal day hours.

A&F Kids-
(Gifts for my bf’s niece) Everything was 50% off until 9 am.
So both of these would’ve cost $60 and I got them for $30.

Craft Warehouse-
These Scrapbook’s were buy 1 get 2 free! No that’s not a typo! This first one is my fav!
When I was buying this some lady told me it was ugly, but I liked the quote so I bought it anyways! I showed her!
This one is my second fav, I think I might make a recipe book with it!
I really scored a good deal on these rub-ons. They’re normally about $4 each, and I got them for $1 each! I even got some Halloween ones for next year! (See the little spider guy?)
Lowe’s- This wasn’t the best deal, but it was something I really wanted! I got this for $30 instead of $45! I can’t wait to put this baby to use! No more trying to use a sander where the sides fall out of those cheap clamps! 
I can’t wait to show you guys what I got at Goodwill! I want to put them to use first though! That way, I can have some great before and afters! Did anyone else get any great Black Friday deals? How about some Cyber Monday deals? 

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