Framed Fair

Oh hey friends!

Just yesterday I went to the Western Idaho Fair!  I thought long and hard about bringing my camera but decided against it, much to my regret. Isn’t that always how it goes? When am I gonna learn my lesson? There was a man driving a huge cart with umbrellas all over it, lip syncing to crazy songs, and he had a lady on stilts with him. She was quite a character and would interact with the people all around. SO, bummed I didn’t have my DSLR!


Every year my husband and my sister have a long standing tradition of riding the Tilt-A-Whirl together.

So I pulled out my iphone 6s and started snapping away trying to get a good shot (which can be difficult to do with all the spinning and what not. I almost deleted this photo because the bars from the ride were in the shot, and I was able to capture some that didn’t. However, there was something about the way they framed up the photo and I felt like it signified someone on the outside watching the fun.

I love how much fun they are having and the big smiles on their faces! I love them both so much!

Framed Fair (1)

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