Today I’m just sending out a quick post with a photo I took on my iphone 6s. I haven’t done a Daily Post photo challenge in awhile and wanted to jump back into it. This week’s photo challenge is Rare. It honestly couldn’t be better timing because I just picked up a copy of the annual September issue of Vogue.

I’ve noticed that many don’t understand the importance of the September issue in regards to fashion, so I’ll let Glamour magazine explain real quick.

The September issue is the magazine world’s equivalent of January, its very own new year. The autumn/winter season always has more influence than spring/summer – September spells the end of summer. There’s a back-to-school feeling in the air, summer holidays have ended and the mood shifts. Although January is still the time that most people look for new jobs, September comes a close second. It’s a period of reinvention and fresh starts, when the dresses you wafted about in all summer no longer feel on point. It’s a big time for shopping and new wardrobes.”

There’s even a documentary about it called The September Issue, it’s pretty interesting. You can definitely see how well Meryl Streep pulled off Anna Wintour in The Devil Wears Prada. 

This issue is also BIG! The 2016 issue is 800 pages! It’s a book (or so says the checker at Walmart). It’s full of advertisements, but don’t dismiss them too quickly! Think of them as an extension of the art of fashion. Every year I look forward to this issue. I don’t let them bag it at the store (I’ll carry it out) and no one can look at my copy before I do. I also keep every issue which has gotten annoying come moving time, or so says my husband. 😉

If you’ve never checked it out, buy it this year! Like I said, so many people dismiss it thinking it’s vanity or that the clothes are too expensive. However, I think it’s best to look at it as you would a beautiful photograph or painting and get inspired!





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