Fact or Whacked?

Fact or Whacked? No pooing

Updated 8/20/16

There’s always so many amazing ideas you come across on Pinterest. I’m obsessed with checking it every day. Some ideas I see really jump out at me, and I have to try them. Some work out amazing and others…..not so much. This brings me to my Fact or Whacked segment: where I am essentially the guinea pig, and you can sit back and relax while I do the initial leg work. I want to let every one know that this segment is NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. It takes a lot of hard work and bravery to share your ideas on a blog, and this is not meant to take that away from anyone. I’m merely offering my experiences with each idea, and you are more than welcome to try them for yourself.

If you haven’t come across any of the no pooing pins, I’ll give you a quick overview. The theory goes that using shampoos and conditioners strips your hair so entirely of your body’s natural oils that your scalp has to overcompensate for its sudden loss. So in the next day or two, your hair gets really greasy and needs to be shampooed again. And so the process continues. Mixing baking soda with water acts as a shampoo and will not strip your natural oils. Vinegar with water acts as a conditioner.

I started my new adventure with a trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply and got two plastic bottles. Just like the kind you would use to dye your hair with. The bottle tips worked great for adding the shampoo and conditioner to my hair.

Red hair














To start with, it felt odd to use the baking soda shampoo. It’s quite a different experience than normal shampoo. I rinsed it out very thoroughly and added the vinegar conditioner paying close attention to the ends of my hair. (Don’t worry the vinegar smell doesn’t stay with you once you’re out of the shower). My hair felt very dry after I had gotten out and towel dried it. So I added some coconut oil to the ends, I needed so much that I ended up making my hair greasy! However, my hair felt clean and I carried on with the day completely forgetting about my different morning routine.

The next few days carried on as such. About the fifth day, I couldn’t stand the feeling of it in my hair. It made my hair very waxy, no matter how much I rinsed and scrubbed. I tried adding more or less baking soda to see a difference. Nothing. My hair started to become so brittle and dry even with the coconut oil that my hair was falling out when I’d try to comb it with a wide tooth comb. I desperately wanted to hold out though because everywhere I read, it says the beginning is the worst part.

By day 7, I’d had enough. I wanted my soft hair back! Even though my hair looked clean, it felt disgusting. I had to put my hair up in a ponytail and it felt like a horse’s tail! At night I had to put my hair up in a high bun just to go to bed because it felt so dirty. Washing my hair with shampoo the next day never felt so good!

Whacked And that’s why I STILL shampoo my hair! Obviously I agree with the concerns of all the chemicals in shampooing and conditioning products, which is why I tried this in the first place. I’ve read a lot about different shampoos and heard a lot of good things about the Alba hair care line. I personally love the coconut ones! They are sulphate free and no parabens. This is not a sponsored post. What experience have you had with no pooing?







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