Unoriginal Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks is obviously a big part of Seattle. I know people joke that there’s a Starbucks on every corner, but it’s really true! Last week I parked in a parking garage downtown, and the building above it was a mall and there were THREE Starbucks in that ONE building! Well I wanted to be very touristy and see the original Starbucks. We thought we had found the original and walked on in to order a chai tea, but later we found out it was the one down the street……what noobs. Anyways, the unoriginal Starbucks was SO busy that it took a bit to get our drinks; no biggie I had my camera. I felt weird just taking people’s photos, so I tried to do it very stealthily (I think I made that word up). This was part of a non-challenge with Lost in Translation, check her out she’s fabulous!


You know you are getting close to Pike Place when you see people holding huge bouquets of flowers! You can get them for about $5-$10!

You can’t really tell, but the whole back wall is all burlap coffee sacks! Also I love the Scranton shirt!




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