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Fact or Whacked? Zucchini & Sweet Potato Frittata

There’s always so many amazing ideas you come across on Pinterest. I’m obsessed with checking it every day. Some ideas I see really jump out at me, and I have to try them. Some work out amazing and others…..not so much. This brings me to my Fact or Whacked segment: where I am essentially the guinea pig, and you can sit back and relax while I do the initial leg work. I want to let every one know that this segment is NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. It takes a lot of hard work and bravery to share your ideas on a blog, and this is not meant to take that away from anyone. I’m merely offering my experiences with each idea, and you are more than welcome to try them for yourself. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Morning Glory” with Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, and Rachel McAdams, but it made me want to try a frittata SO bad. My mouth was watering when Harrison went into detail on how to make one. Cue Pinterest and Paleo Diet Lifestyle. I loved the idea of using Zucchini, Sweet Potatos and Bell Peppers (plus I had them all on hand). It also gave me an excuse to use some of my spices! I ended up using Rosemary instead of Parsley and it was DELISH!


I’m sure this is probably a quick and easy meal to make, but my first time took me 45 minutes. Which I’m pretty sure had to do with the fact that I turned the burner down a little too low while it cooked for the 10 minutes….(which for me was more like 25). I knew it wasn’t done because it had some serious jiggle goin’ on!

I topped it off with some delicious avocados….yum yum yum!!

Final verdict:


Fact! Do it! Since you cut into it like a pie, it makes a lot of food. So it’s great for quick morning breakfasts for everyone!

I had to throw some of mine away 😦  I definitely plan to make again!

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