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Just Trust the Wanderlust

I’ve decided to take part in The Daily Passion Prompt by Dean Bocari. For the next 39 days, I’ll be answering one compelling question a day of his choosing, that will help bring back my sense of passion in life. I definitely feel that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost that childhood sense of wonder. Which I feel has stunted my creativity and my ability to relax my mind. I thought it would be a fun and positive experience. Thanks for reading!

1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Wanderlust. Isn’t that word exquisite? It’s always been one of my favorites.

I know that traveling is probably a very common answer. However, I’m not talking about lounging around on some beach. I don’t want to lie around with my eyes closed, missing out while the world is in action!


I learned something very important about myself on a semi-recent trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. My family was very interested in relaxing on this trip. It amused me very much, that they would spend all this money, and travel time and arrive somewhere so beautiful; just to lay around and drink margaritas. I can do that shit at home! Now I’m not putting them down, because I know a lot of people that would find this to be a very pleasurable experience. (Remember, I’m learning something about myself here.) All I wanted to do was go and explore. The thought of only experiencing the resort made me itchy. There were Mayan temples to be discovered, sting rays to see, and swimming in cenotes to be done (although only after you were cleansed by a shaman). There was no time for laying around!

If I knew I wouldn’t fail, I would grab my camera and my passport, throw a few things in a storage unit, and sell the rest! Sell it all! I’d lace up my sneakers and travel to wherever was possible. I’d experience things from someone else’s point of view and all kinds of different cultures. I’d set my sights on all different kinds of places: Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, many places in America that I haven’t adventured to, and countless others! I’ve always been horrible at geography, but I’d be an expert when I was done.

No more living life through the television! No more daily routines! No more having to plan the weekly meals for the week, then having to grocery shop for it, then come home and unpack all of it, and then pre-prepare it for the week! No more making sure the chores are done every night before you go to bed, and making sure the laundry is done and put away (after you spent the entire day working). No more cleaning lists, and other monotonous tasks that keep you from doing what you want to be doing; creatively. I’d let go of all the things that I “should” be doing, things that were expected of me by others, or even expectations that society puts on me. (Getting married to my boyfriend of 8 years, having babies, climbing the work ladder, having the body of Adriana Lima, etc.)

If I knew I wouldn’t fail during my travels, I wouldn’t have to worry about money not lasting, finding a place to sleep at night, or wonder if it would be safe for me. I’d just know that it would somehow work its way out. There would be no weight on my shoulders; just the peace of mind that tomorrow would be a new experience. That’s what it would be about. The experience. Isn’t that what life is about? YOLO people!

2 thoughts on “Just Trust the Wanderlust

  1. I absolutely loved this post! Your thinking is the same way I would’ve veered on that trip lol I also would love to travel. I have so many places in my mind to go. My list of places would be Italy, France, England, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Canada among other places. I try not to have a negative thought about travel because the only thing that would be holding me back is myself. I would also live life free and without worry. Wouldn’t that be great? Maybe one day we will get there. Retirement here I come lol 🙂


  2. Thank you! I know what you mean, living life free and without worry would really open up more possibilities. The thing with traveling for me is the expense, that’s the scary thing. If I could just come up with a way to get around that….lol!


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